3D + Visualisation

3D + Visualisation

Bring your ideas into reality, from draft to next-level 3D and Virtual Reality visualisations. We will closely work with your team from day one and guide you through the process until completion, making sure we stay within the agreed timescale and budget.

Our world-class Design and Modelling team specialises in industrial and architectural design. We can ease the creative process and help you capture your initial ideas in drafts. Once your idea is more mature, the next step of the process is to turn it into a CAD drawing, in which we can work to very tight and controlled tolerances. These CAD drawings can be used for many different purposes, such as manufacturing machines or we could convert them to precise and accurate 3D MESH models, which in turn can be rendered to true-to-life and photorealistic 3D and Virtual/Augmented Reality visualisations.

If you are a Brownfield Developer, we can help you to dramatically streamline the Planning Application process by combining our drone mapping and surveying with our 3D visualisations. Our fleet of RTK-enabled drones will produce a detailed scan of your land that we can process, eliminating whatever elements you need from it (houses, trees, structures, etc.) and render into photorealistic 3D images the CAD plans of the buildings that will be constructed within that plot, which will give you an true representation of the visual impact within the surrounding area from very early on the Planning Application process, therefore reducing time and costs for your project.

By using drones and specialist equipment like 360 cameras and LiDAR scanners, we produce digital twins, interactive virtual tours, and 3D models of your buildings and structures. Digital twins are useful for Facilities Management and BIM 4D integration, as they give an exact representation of the current building and its elements and with our Software Development service we can turn them into interactive applications for you to monitor your facilities' efficiency and state in real time from your mobile or tablet device of choice. If you are an Architect or Real Estate Agent our virtual tours and 3D visualisations will help your clients understand the results that they can expect from you.

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