Bespoke Software

Bespoke Software

Stay ahead of your competitors and maximise your ROI with our award-winning Software Development. We are a Clean Code, Cloud Deployment (Amazon Web Services - AWS), and FOSS (Free Open Source Software) powerhouse, we mainly use PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL, and Graph databases, although we also use Kotlin, Java, Elixir or Golang.

From a simple landing page to a complex Microservice architecture with multiple APIs and frontends, we can deliver fully scalable, futureproof prototypes that will help prove your concept to your business partners, clients or investors. Turn complex data into easy-to-digest applications and frontend with our expertise in manipulating all types of databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Percona, Neo4J, etc.

If you have a legacy application that is struggling to meet today's standards for security and performance, we can convert your old code into a compliant application. We also produce Code Quality reports that will give you an idea of how good, or bad, your current codebase actually is, then give you an estimate for how long would it take to get rid of all the issues. These reports are written in plain terms, so all your stakeholders will be able to understand them, even if they do not have any technical knowledge of your platforms.

We are always looking at how can we push the boundaries of existing technologies. One of our main areas of expertise is the integration of external systems via APIs with a new common frontend layer, so you can control and visualise all your data in a single place.

For more advanced projects that have more consolidated data structures and models, we can implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to your applications, which in turn will boost the quality of service that you offer to your clients or customers.

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